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Local Spotlight: The Lovebirds third album release at Swedenborg Hall

The Lovebirds third album release
The Lovebirds third album release
Photo: Courtesy of the band

One of the best things about San Diego, is that we have a wide array of music and talent that calls the city home. Not set on a single genre, San Diego plays home to many musicians. Some make it, some don’t. Some will tour, and others will stay close. One of the many musical acts is an award winning folk duo, The Lovebirds, made up of real life (ex)lovebirds Veronica May and Lindsay White, who have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music today.

Their third album, Breakup Shmakeup, is set to debut tomorrow at their album release party at Swedenborg Hall. The name, based on the album’s chronicling of the duo’s breakup in order to maintain making music, shows a bit of humor and maturity in what could be a devastating moment in one’s life. However, they felt it best to do whatever it took to continue making music, the reason they fell in love in the first place. “Since we broke up last year, we’ve been able to focus completely on the music (which was always the best part about our relationship) without the pressure of having to fulfill normal relationship needs for each other. In many ways, we are closer now because we can just hone in on the things we like about each other without all that pressure.”

Their music is “fun folk,” rich in a variety of instruments and even heavier in vocal harmonies. Both of them capable of playing a wide range of instruments, they are able to explore different sounds from a soft lullaby to a more upbeat folk sound. They explain that “…we’re not tied down to any style and can always rely on our harmonies to be the common denominator for our music.”

White describes the album as more of a ‘concept’ album than any of their previous records, stating that “This album was different because we wrote the majority of songs separately. However, since we were both processing the same experience, there is still a cohesion throughout the album…” Yet their musical style has developed over many years of growing up with a deep love for music as a whole. “The Lovebirds’s sound is definitely a blend of each of our personal musical influences, past and present. I always reference Bob Dylan and Shel Silverstein for shaping my early love for writing, words, and cadence. Veronica grew up admiring great singers like Karen Carpenter and Natalie Cole. Then, of course there were the 90’s, where we were influenced by everything from hip-hop and R&B to a new generation of female folk singer-songwriters like Jewel, Ani Difranco, Patty Griffin, etc. Now, we love bands like First Aid Kit, Milk Carton Kids, and Haim. As you can see, we cast a pretty wide net, which is very reflective of our generation. The result for our band is a sound that fluctuates pretty naturally from genre to genre. “

The Lovebirds are prepping to tour for the summer after the release of their album. Though for them touring is an “exciting experience,” they stay grounded with the support of their fans in San Diego. “We love our San Diego fans because they are truly our friends.” White states. “There is so much love and support here. The music community here (musicians and fans) is so tight - everyone wants to see everyone else succeed.”

Check out The Lovebirds and their newest album, Breakup Shmakeup. Their album release party will be held at the Swedenborg Hall in San Diego Friday, May 2.

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