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Local spotlight: Solid Lines


Photo credit to Solid Lines.

One thing is for sure about the Lehigh Valley Music scene: it is alive. Local bands consisting of talented young musicians are continuing to grow in our area, and Solid Lines keeps that progression going.

Solid Lines was started a few years ago by three friends, Mike Spyridon (vocals/guitar), Andrew Tomasino (vocals/guitar), and drummer Nicholas Fritz. The guys set out to create music that not only do they love, but music that their audiences would be able to connect with.

Eventually, Solid Lines would add Josh Beck (guitar) and Marc Vollo (bass). With a complete band, the guys create a perfect blend of alternative/indie rock.

Over the past few months, Solid Lines has written numerous songs and even recorded their first demo at The Skylight Studio in Philadelphia. The band will only continue to grow and create a diverse sound that the music industry needs.

Solid Lines plays as many shows as they can, performing at venues like the Crocodile Rock Café and The Silo. These places, along with word of mouth have helped the band find a following.

Songs like "Phantoms," "Dust," and "New Colors" only showcase what is to come from the band. The future looks promising for Solid Lines as they continue perfecting their craft. After taking a break to focus on other commitments, Solid Lines will be returning in January for a comeback performance that should not be missed.

For more info: 

Make sure you check out their Myspace, where their demo can be downloaded for free and add them on Facebook.

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  • D 5 years ago

    Hey check out! Celtic Roots w/ energy

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