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Local Spotlight: Bleeding Money

Bleeding Money is a Tampa, Florida based punk/metal band.
Bleeding Money is a Tampa, Florida based punk/metal band.
Bleeding Money

If there was a 'Punk Rock Hall of Fame' in Tampa, Bleeding Money would have surely already been included.

Anyone who has been in and around the Tampa Bay punk and metal music scene for the better part of the last decade has most definitely heard of Bleeding Money. Originating in 2001, the band was started by singer/guitarist Tom Shelton and bass guitarist Spencer Anemik as Elysium, but then re-branded themselves in 2010 as Bleeding Money. After more than a decade of making music together, they decided to change the name of the band because of the influx of bands worldwide with the same moniker. Now, after numerous member changes, they have put together a solid line-up of musicians consisting of Greg Hartley on lead guitar and have recently reunited with original Elysium drummer Ken Ingram.

Always willing to help out a fellow local band as well as a touring band, the guys in Bleeding Money used to operate the now infamous Tampa Punk House. The Punk House, a long-time staple in the Tampa punk scene was started by Dave Disorder of A.D.D. Records in 1996, then passed down to Jeff Brawer of The Dukes of Hillsborough and The Tim Version's Shawn Watkins. Eventually the boys in Elysium took over the lease and booking shows for countless national, regional and local punk bands that played makeshift concerts in their dilapidated Seminole Heights living room. As all good things, the Punk House finally met its ultimate demise when all of its inhabitants moved out, but Bleeding Money is still willing to hook up bands with a local Tampa gig anyway.

Currently, Bleeding Money is working on a concept album at Get Loud Records that will include 9 songs about "social issues and revolution". They plan on releasing their music, one song at a time, through iTunes as well as their facebook page. The first track, 'Eat The Children First', is already available online and their second track 'Shots Fired' was just debuted on Radio last Monday night. You can listen to that track here.

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