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Local singer-songwriter gets Boston rocking


Lauren Flaherty

As a musician, Lauren Flaherty cuts both an interesting and pleasant figure. In an industry driven by image, she insists on putting the focus on her music, which she describes as “power pop meets industrial folk rock.” This Boston native also displays a refreshing, unaffected modesty. She is happy to sit down and discuss her passion for music.

Flaherty traces her love affair with music to a chance viewing of the haunting video for Hole's “Doll Parts.” That video had a powerful and immediate effect on her: at the age of thirteen, she decided that she would become a musician. Shortly thereafter, Lauren started writing songs and learning how to play the guitar. She readily admits, however, that she has worked very hard on her craft. Moreover, her parents were convinced that her interest in music was merely a phase. They actually hoped that she would follow a more traditional route and study economics.

But, her acceptance into the prestigious Berklee College of Music showed that this was no phase. Further, Flaherty has been steadily building up a fan base and earning recognition and awards for her songwriting skills and strong rock and roll vocals. So, as she grows as an artist, does she think that Boston can continue to serve as a viable base? Lauren thinks so. She considers the Boston music scene “great” and “a little less shallow” than that of neighboring New York.

On May 7th, there was a release party for her latest CD, You Don't Know Me, at Felt Boston. Flaherty's appeal was on full display. Throughout the set, her enthusiasm was infectious. But, what was particularly remarkable was her desire to engage the audience and invite the members to share her passion.

As her profile continues to rise in the music industry, this talented local intends to keep a level head. She has started to go to church again as a reminder of what is important. She equally works on remaining focused in an attempt to construct a durable career and seeks inspiration from the distinguished career of her grandfather, Russell Adams. A self-taught drummer, he played with Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra. Building a career upon such a solid foundation, Lauren Flaherty will undoubtedly keep Boston rocking for some time to come.