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Local shopping for local technology

Now that the Mid-term elections are dying down (finally!) and we are forced to confront what we can and can’t agree on, many of us who live in Boulder County have at least one common bond regardless of our political opinions, we all openly accept McGuckin Hardware as part of our lives.

McGuckin Hardware
began in 1955 when the store’s namesake, Bill McGuckin, opened the doors of the Boulder CO Hardware store. Employing four people in four departments, the success hinged on personalized service, selection and experienced sales staff.

The store has moved several times, and was vastly expanded in the mid 1990's. McGuckin Hardware currently employs around an average of 250 people on its sales floor. Their Hardware Warehouse & Distribution Center, located in far north Boulder, has about 315 employees as well.

One of the many reasons the store has such a strong local client base, is that it still stays connected to the community it serves. Along with the current drive to assist victims of the 4-mile fire, many local businesses and products are available among the national brands throughout the store.

For example, Terralux is a Colorado-based company that specializes in accelerating the adoption of LED-based solid-state lighting. They apply their own patented technologies in thermal management, optics, and controls to a variety of applications by way of standard and custom portable devices, light engines, and embedded light modules. TerraLUX scientists and engineers continue to develop new technologies in solid-state lighting.

Another Boulder, Colorado based company, Nite Ize is also dedicated to bringing light to the darkness. Nite Ize President, Rick Case started Nite Ize as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado in 1989. Case stayed here and worked to build his successful company through dedication, inspiration and hard work. In the early days, he was running the company from his mountain cabin. When he received his first order for 42,000 Headbands, it was time to think about getting a bigger space.

Twenty one years later the Nite Ize continues to expand with a large manufacturing facility and corporate offices based out of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. In years that have passed, Nite Ize has grown from one bright idea into a company that makes and sells a wide variety of accessories, tools, and devices.

Over the next few months, the Boulder Technology Examiner will be Examining such products, in the hopes that we can all focus a little harder on the local economy.


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