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Local shelters need your help - walking dogs!

Former shelter dogs
Former shelter dogs
Sarah Estlund Mullally personal collection

Its the New Year. Time to make resolutions such as losing weight, getting fit, being heart healthy and more importantly making a difference in your community. I have the perfect way to accomplish each of these - volunteer to walk dogs at one of Kansas City's shelters.

Halfway Home Pet Adoptions, located at 4400 Raytown Rd (right behind the stadiums) has at any given time between 40 and 100 dogs that need to be walked. I just came from HHPA. I walked 6 dogs. It meant the world to each dog - the only time they're getting out of their kennel today, the only time they're getting away from the madness and barking and the only time they will get one on one attention.

Please people, get off your couch, turn off The View or Judge Judy and get out to any of the local shelters. Walk dogs. You need no money for this, just a soft hand and loving touch, and the desire to get these dogs some much needed and well deserved exercise. The payback is ten-fold. I promise being with those dogs will make you will feel better than any dog you walk. Just knowing you could be the last human touch they have, or the only exercise they have today. Or, knowing that 30 minutes of socialization you give them may make them more desirable to a potential adoptive family.

Sure when I woke up this morning I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay in my warm home with my two fat and happy dogs, my husband and a cup of coffee. Especially after walking my dogs and slipping and falling numerous times on the ice. But I will tell you one thing, once you get out there and see the other awesome volunteers like Britton and Marlan, and feel the love from these dogs when they greet you, you will wish you had more time to make a difference.

So please, stop thinking about yourself and get out, make a difference in a dog's life. Or two. Or six.


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