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Local school bus driver accused of producing child pornography

     Scott Smallwood, a school bus driver in Prince George's County, Maryland, has been arrested and charged with producing child pornography. He was arrested on May 21st and charged on Monday, according to police.

     Smallwood, 27, was found out when he left behind a memory card on the counter of a 7-11 in Clinton. A man found the card, took it home and found 10 to 15 videos of a young buy performing explicit sexual acts with a man, according to court documents. The man who found the card then contacted authorities.

     The police were able to attain the surveillance video from the convenience store and witnessed Smallwood leaving the memory card in the store. Working with U.S. Customs and Immigrations officers, Prince George police were able to identify both the minor and the man, Smallwood, in the videos. Police arrested him at the Brandywine bus depot last Friday.

     Conviction of producing child pornography carries a maximum sentence of 30 years.