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Local RVA record shops bring the old school vibe back to the fans

Vinyl Conflict Record Store on S. Pine Street
Vinyl Conflict Record Store on S. Pine Street
Vinyl Conflict Record Store official Facebook Page

In a time when most young people only wish to have the latest album or single from the current flavor of the week artist they only need to go to iTunes and download it. Yet for many in the hard rock, metal and punk community this is not something they really like to do. Many true metal heads and punk rockers enjoy the old school feel of having a hard copy of their favorite album, the look and design of the album cover and booklet, an actual real version of the cd or album to keep unlike a digital version that can be lost forever if you have a PC or iPod or MP3 player crash or issue. Luckily for them the RVA area had them covered and there are still some old school record shops in town. Stores such as Plan 9, BK Music and Vinyl Conflict Record Store are in Richmond and are where fans can find the stuff they are looking for in the format they love. More and more fans of metal and punk worldwide are looking for old vinyl LP’s of their favorite bands and as one fan recently posted on Twitter that he had to drive over five hours to find a shop that sells vinyl, thankfully in Richmond there is Plan 9 Records in Carytown and Vinyl Conflict Records in Oregon Hill. Plan 9 has moved shop from their long time home in Carytown but they are still in the heart of Cary Street and have a wide range of music on vinyl, CD, and even cassette for fans to browse and buy. Vinyl Conflict is newer to the scene but they have a huge range of music to whet the appetite of any rock, metal and punk fan. They are located at 324 S.Pine Street a block over from Belvedere Street near the Virginia War Memorial. BK Music has recently moved from their long time home on Midlothian Turnpike and are now located off of Forest Hill Ave in the Strafford Hills shopping center. They have always had a large range of hard to find music and also music on all types of format for fans enjoyment.

Many of these shops also have a selection of tees, posters, rare items and even DVD’s of your favorite bands to buy. For a good way to feel the “real old school music buying vibe” check out the local record shops and have fun. You may find many of your old favorite bands and artist or find some new ones you never heard of but will learn to love. Some of these stores have limited hours or days they are open so be sure to check their websites or give them call to check when they are open. Much like with local bands or singers when you support local music stores you are supporting local music, so do so with pride to keep the RVA rocking!