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Local roleplaying gaming in Nashville

As something that I plan to develop for the new year, I want to attempt to bring gaming to the community in a way that supports some locally based efforts I have heard of in the last few months from across the country. Back in November, many libraries across the country held a games day where members of the community planned and ran excited youth and other participants through many games. There were board game, video games, and, of course, roleplaying and tabletop games. One story of complete success came from the adventures of a "little rogue" in a game of D&D. 

The story above, and other stories like it, have planted in me a firm belief that community based gaming can be successful if implemented correctly and with the proper volunteer staff. My goal for 2010 as a community gamer who is also a freelance rpg game designer and business owner is to attempt to establish a public gaming venue for roleplaying games and possibly other types of community social games. 

As a member of the Savage Worlds Explorer's Society, and a huge fan of the Savage Worlds gaming system, I plan to find a publicly accessible venue in which to set up a monthly Savage Worlds game, open to anyone who would like to register for it, with the hopes of having to expand. More details should follow, and it is my hope that community gaming becomes more that just a one a year event, especially here in Middle Tennessee.  

So, I would like to welcome you all back to my Examiner page, and I am glad to be here, still involved in gaming and still ready to get the community involved as well. If you would like to help organize community gaming events in the Nashville area, please respond to this message or e-mail me. Eventually it will require everyone's participation to get regular gaming going. 


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