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Local restaurants calorie bombs: Did you know this?

Check out the eating tips in this book!
Check out the eating tips in this book!
David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, Eat This Not That, available from Amazon

While eating out you may realize that the food is not prepared as carefully as you would make it at home, but did you know just how bad it can really be? To put things in perspective, keep in mind that in one day an average person should eat approximately 2,000 calories, 65g of fat and no more than 2,400mg of sodium.

Check out the following calorie bombs:

Wrapping up your night out in IHOP? Visiting for Sunday brunch or do you simply go there when everything else is closed? Next time, you may want to look what’s in your fridge instead. IHOP’s Colorado Omelet packs 1,890 calories; 47g of fat and 4,200mg of sodium.

Are you thinking that just sampling some of the worst foods won’t do you much harm? Think again: Applebee’s Sample Appetizer: 2,500 calories, 49g fat, and 6,520mg sodium. How about a burger? If you think that morphing a burger and a quesadilla shaves off some calories, you are wrong: Applebee’s Quesadilla Burger: 1,820 calories; 46g fat; 4,410mg sodium.

Are you thinking that a wrap sounds healthy and you don’t have to worry? Check out this calorie buster: BBQ Chicken Wrap: 1,720 calories!

If the name of the meal has the word “bite” in it, it can’t be that bad for you, right? Wrong. Buffalo Chicken Crisper Bites: 1,620 calories; 100g fat; 5,380mg sodium. Got enough salt?

Dreaming of finally having those ribs? If you order a full rack of Outback Steakhouse baby back ribs, your body will be hit with: 3,021 calories; 242g fat; 4,648mg sodium.

If you must go, skip the fries. Otherwise, be prepared for 1,464calories; 71g fat; 213mg sodium.

A turkey burger sounds healthy, but this Ruby Tuesday’s creation may bust that myth completely apart: Bella Turkey Burger boasts 1,145 calories; 71g fat.

If you are feeling depressed about how many wrong meals you have ordered, check out David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding’s book Eat This Not That! 2010 The No Diet Weight Loss Solution. Good luck!



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