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Local reaction to Michael Jackson's death


                  (AP Photo/Joel Ryan, file)

According to the Boston Globe, Oldies 103.3 morning DJs have rushed into the studio for an evening show. Reportedly, the station will be playing the music of Michael Jackson throughout the night, as it has been for most of the evening.

An anonymous writer on Craigslist posted in the Boston section today, “Love him or hate him...just watch a couple of his videos to see what he really did out there.”

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  • cynthia spratt 5 years ago

    good by micheal i goning to miss you

  • cynthia spratt 5 years ago

    very shook up about it ilove michael jaskon a lot i am goning to miss michael

  • Fidel 5 years ago

    Michael's death has left me speechless! Just last year when i saw an article done on him for his 50th birthday, I felt so much for him and immediately throughout that day, I began playing and listening to his music. His life was his music and his music is the essence of his life. You can know who Michael is by listening to the lyrics of those song. He constantly sending messages and engaging the world to listen. E.g "Man in the Mirror"; "Heal the World", The Earth Song. Anyone who listen really well will be affected. That is why despite any negativity in his personal life, he was innocent. He never had a childhood and was still suspended in between adulthood and childhood.

    Michael has always had and will always have a special place in my heart. And I'm confident that what he heart sought for while here, he will find abundantly in the bossom of the Lord.

    I am thankful to God for giving us Michael Jackson and even though his life was short, he gave all and whole to making the worl

  • Kevin 5 years ago


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Very touching.

    Norfolk Top News Examiner