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Local rapper Remy Munasifi releases new hit about the DC Metro

Munasifi released a new song about the DC Metro on Tuesday
Munasifi released a new song about the DC Metro on Tuesday

Clarendon, VA native Remy Munasifi has released a new song on YouTube that highlights the shortcomings of the DC Metro. Remy is a popular rapper whose internet releases have racked up over 50 million hits. His most popular song is the "Arlington Rap," an ironic song about the 'rough' nature of the affluent DC suburb.

His new song is in line with his usual style, with easy-to-understand, rhyming lyrics that are family friendly and often hilarious. He released "Metro Song" on Tuesday morning and it has already been viewed over 130,000 times. Remy is a YouTube content partner, which means he collects about half of the advertising revenue generated by his page.

'Metro Song' pokes fun at all the quirks of the Metro that cause all Washingtonians to gripe: broken escalators, large gaps between trains, and bad B.O. are just a few of his targets for comedy. He grew up in DC and knows the system well, including its hideous orange seats. He filmed most of the video himself, with the occasional help from his friends. Click here if you haven't seen the song yet.

Remy is a law school dropout who discovered YouTube as a way to make money while doing something he loves. According to an interview with the Washington Post, he was an aspiring comedian turned rapper when he saw a viable market and seized the opportunity. Visit his website to learn more about the local legend.