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Local rap label rumored to begin podcast


Courtesy of Pitlock Entertainment

Pitlock Entertainment, a local rap label in Billings, is rumored to begin a podcast showcasing local artist's music with a dash of "talk radio" as well.

Sources say that, Colt Draine, the owner of Pitlock Entertainment has been tossing around the idea of starting a podcast for weeks. Podcasts are considered a series of episodic audio and/or video files that can be streamed or downloaded from the Internet for both online and offline access.

Pitlock Entertainment, being one of the largest hip hop groups in Billings, is gearing up to becoming the most advertised local hip hop label as well.

Other sources, wishing to remain nameless, have also stated that the label will have the group Impurity conducting an interview with the Billings Gazette and create a Christmas song for the publication.

Again these are purely rumors but, it looks like Pitlock Entertainment is trying to expand into other media outlets since the cancellation of "The Bakery" (local radio hour that was hosted by Rye Bread formerly of Hot 101.9).