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Local publisher, Law Dog Comics, releases new graphic novel, It Tolls for Thee


Law Dog Comics’ new release can be found at Westfield Comics or online at Bring Out Your Dead Volume One: It Tolls For Thee is the latest work of James Haffron, who is not only the publisher of Law Dog Comics but also writes and illustrates this title.

lawdog it tolls for thee
This historical zombie story pioneers an innovative new format. The dimensions of the book are 5.5’’ x 8’’ giving it a distinctive wide-screen look. This format allows for the occasional double-page single-panel illustration to be 5.5’’ x 16’’. This adds to the reverberation of Haffron’s grotesquely disturbing imagery.

The story takes place in the plague stricken Island of Cyprus in the year 1208. The book starts out by showing the dead victims of the plague being wheeled out of town in a wooden cart. The bodies are then dumped over a cliff to be forgotten; until, of course, the dead bodies come back to life and attack the survivors.

Although the book's format is innovative, sadly, the story is not. Zombie stories have been done to death in movies and comics, and there isn’t anything new to this zombie story to make it interesting. Haffron’s illustrations are sometimes sloppy and simple, but the compositions and use of space are usually striking. The layout and use of the innovative page size is easily the most impressive aspect of this book.