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Local probiotic drink helps Denver fight off the flu

Inner-eco is an easy and affordable way to get trillions of probiotics every day
Inner-eco is an easy and affordable way to get trillions of probiotics every day

An important way to boost your immunity this winter is to support your digestive health. Your gut supplies 70-90 percent of all the immune cells in your body. One of the major reasons for that immunity is probiotics.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in the intestines to support immune cell development and regulate digestion.  People of all ages should consider consuming at least 1 billion live probiotics per day to improve their immune function – and the more the better. A local company is providing Denver with an easy way to consume not just billions, but trillions of living probiotics every day.

Inner-Eco is made from a base of coconut juice. The probiotic elixir is not only dairy and soy free, but is also low in sugar (0.75 grams per serving). Lab results show a single serving of Inner-Eco contains a least one trillion probiotics per serving, more than any other probiotic product. Just half an ounce of Inner-Eco can deliver your entire probiotic needs for the day.

Owners Niki and Barb are both former Denver elementary school teachers with a passion for helping others. They started the business together in 2008 and it is growing quickly.

At first Niki and Barb tried using canned coconut juice, but the probiotic counts were low due to a preservative added during the canning process.

Plus, "it just didn't taste right," Niki commented.

The enterprising team turned to fresh, young Thai coconuts to get the right flavor and potency. Niki and Barb have used all sorts of tools to open the coconuts by hand, the most recent being a machete.

“We recently purchased a $10,000 coconut cracking machine,” Niki said.

Once the juice is out of the coconut, it is added to a living kefir starter. The enzymes and sugars in the coconut juice ferment with the starter to culture trillions upon trillions of probiotics into a carbonated drink.

As a testament to the healing power of probiotics, Niki’s two sons recently fought off the H1N1 flu virus. She increased their daily dosage of Inner-Eco as soon as symptoms appeared. Within a day and half their symptoms were gone.

Inner-Eco should be consumed on an empty stomach so the probiotics have time to flourish before they are put to work. The drink is slightly carbonated and bit tart, so fruit juice or stevia can be added to sweeten it up. Check out the website for Niki and Barb’s Inner-Eco punch.

Inner-Eco is available at local health food stores like Vitamin Cottage and Whole Foods.

Niki and Barb plan to release a new probiotic product utilizing the coconut meat in the next three months. Stay posted.