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Local politician pays littering fine, 'Garbage Gate' over

trash bins
trash bins
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Today, March 4, 2014, a major crime has been resolved. A local politician, Sonora City Councilman Matt Hawkins has plead guilty, and had to pay a fine for littering. The crime was in connection to having placed a standard household sized garbage bag in a dumpster at a store where he used to work.

The 'Garbage Gate' became a bit a of a circus for Sonora residents to discuss, with nearly everyone having a different opinion on the matter. At the end of the process, it should be noted that Hawkins was treated no differently than any other citizen in the city. He did the crime and paid the fine. Case closed, so far.

The take away for some Sonora residents has been Hawkins' ability to stand up, say he was guilty, and move on. For others, the crime meant Hawkins should resign immediately, give up his dog, forfeit his US passport, and maybe serve a stint in a federal prison.

Suffice it to say, the matter at this point appears to have been resolved, with more pressing Sonora issues now taking center stage again. Most of us who live in the City of Sonora are glad to put 'Garbage Gate' behind us. Perhaps now we can focus a bit more time on how to deal with the drought? Or the actual crimes being committed?