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Local physician opens massage retreat to better treat patients and the community

Massage Heights

Dr. Shawn Dhillon, an Internist and native of Baltimore, announces the opening of a massage retreat to continue his holistic approach to healing. Dr. Dhillon is one of the owners of Massage Heights, a franchise massage venture whose mission is "to help all types of people incorporate convenient, high-quality, rejuvenating massage into their healthy lifestyles".

Dr. Dhillon currently practices medicine as part of the Calvert Medical Group and already incorporates treatments that offer patients healing for both the body and mind. His practice includes traditional medicine as well as pain management, physical therapy, and rehabilitation services. Opening Massage Heights was seen as a natural progression for the doctor and helps fulfill his desire to reach out into the community and educate people about the medical benefits of regular massage.

Massage services are typically offered through spas and salons and are therefore generally considered luxury services, out of reach those who may actually benefit the most from treatment. In addition to stress relief, massage therapy can assist with sinus problems, fatigue, poor circulation, and help improve the body's immune system. Dr. Dhillon states there is medical data to back up claims of improved overall health attributed to appropriate and regular massages administered by licensed therapists. One of the reasons Dr. Dhillon was impressed with the Massage Heights concept was that "they offered different elevations of services, such as peppermint foot scrubs, designed as relief for people who stand alot - such as nurses. Massage Heights is about being diverse, constantly evolving, they weren't stagnant."  

Massage Heights at Quarry Lake distinguishes itself through it's therapeutic approach, affordable membership pricing model, while offering high quality services in an equally impressive environment, designed to appeal to both men and women. The Quarry Lake location even offers a couples retreat room among it's 10 treatment rooms. In addition to the in-house services, clients will also have the opportunity to continue the retreat experience at home with the optional purchase of natural massage lotions and linens.

Dr. Dhillon, Retreat Director Rubinstein, Assistant Retreat Director Rappold, and staff are looking forward to treating clients to a luxurious, yet affordable experience at the retreat, open seven days a week.

For more info: To learn more about the services of Massage Heights Quarry Lake at Greenspring, visit their website by clicking here. To receive notification of similar articles, click on subscribe here.


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