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Local pet photographer featured on NBC Nightly News

Lori Fusaro

People across the nation know a lot more about Los Angeles-based pet photographer and dog savior Lori Fusaro, thanks to NBC Nightly News. Her story and her latest journey capped off Saturday's broadcast, bringing more and more attention to Fusaro's passion: senior dogs.

Her dedication to photographing old dogs in area shelters is attracting attention. As is her Silver Hearts project, an artsy photography book highlighting the beauty of old dogs. Fusaro's enthusiasm for senior dogs is so magnetic, it attracted folks at the mega-news show as well as reporters for

Last year, Fusaro saw Shady, a dumped and nearly-dead senior Pit Bull at a high-kill Los Angeles shelter. She could not get the dog out of her mind, and knew this one needed more than Fusaro's award-winning photography skills. Shady needed Fusaro. And that's what she got. Fusaro adopted the dog, renamed her Sunny and decided she would make the dog's last days on Earth happy ones. More than a year later and Sunny, even with her health problems, is utterly thriving.

As is Fusaro. Yes, Sunny may have gotten her lifeline rejuvenated under the love of Fusaro, but Fusaro found her career soaring in new ways under the love of Sunny. Fusaro is now focusing much of her work on fighting for the homeless senior dog, the one who may have many good years left but finds itself surrendered to a shelter, depressed and confused. Of all the dogs in shelters across the nation, senior dogs are not the first adopted, IF they are adopted at all. Fusaro hopes to change that.

Through her Silver Hearts project, Fusaro is traveling the country, raising money and photographing senior dogs in an effort to show the benefits and beauty of older dogs. Money raised will help her publish this book and, as a result, save more and more homeless seniors.

As she stated on the Silver Hearts website: "I used to be one of those people who thought my heart couldn't handle bringing an older dog into my life. That it would be just too painful for me to love a dog knowing their time was limited. I came to realize that no creature should die alone and every animal deserves a home, even if it's for a short time. My mantra has become, "If not me, then who?" With this book, I hope to make that mantra resonate with others. Together we can make a difference. Love doesn't keep track of years."

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