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Local Muslim communities working to fund donations to Haiti


The Islamic Center of Hawthorne youth group hosted a silent auction on Saturday Jan. 30 to help aid Haitian quake victims. Arts, crafts and jewelery from as far as Australia were auctioned off.

All proceeds were donated to Islamic Relief USA's Haiti Emergency fund.

Groups and organizations from around the nation are also organizing events to help Haiti.

 More aid pledged for Haiti

 Islamic Relief is planning to assist an additional 5,000 Haitian earthquake victims, through food, water and tent distributions.

2 million people need food aid in Haiti, and only 400,000 are receiving the proper nutrition. Also, 1.5 million Haitians are homeless, and about one million still need temporary shelter.

Islamic Relief USA launched a $2.5 million appeal, and is housing 1,200 quake victims in Port-au-Prince.


After the quake on January 12, more than one million people are now homeless and in desperate need for temporary shelter.

Islamic Relief' is helping hundreds of people escape the hunger and cold they have been enduring for more than 2 weeks.

But Islamic Relief is not the only Muslim-American orgnaization to respond to the Haiti emergency. Click here to read an article on on the Muslim-American response to the emergency.
What are you doing for Haiti? Email to share your story with us.

To read about Islamic Relief's response in Haiti, click here


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