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Local musician has jewelry stolen while performing at charity concert

TREASURE ISLAND - One would normally not expect a dishonorable or criminal act to take place at a charity event, however, that reportedly is what happened this past Sunday during the “Bionics for Vets” charity concert which took place at CJ’s on the Island.

Singer, Sunnie Ray, had her jewelry stolen from her while she was performing at the Bionics for Vets charity concert in Treasure Island.
Photos of stolen Jewelry
Sunnie Rae of Buddy King's Shotgun Junkies
Buddy King's Shotgun Junkies

The “Bionics for Vets” concert is a recurring concert series that was originally conceived of by area musician, Buddy King, and is promoted by KAM-BABS Promotions. The goal of the concert series is to help raise money to purchase better quality prosthetics for veterans. This past Sunday’s concert was the second concert in the series and featured performances from Zig Zag America, Disciples of Mayhem and Buddy King’s Shotgun Junkies.

During the hour-long set of Buddy King’s Shotgun Junkies, someone allegedly entered the office of the bar and stole jewelry belonging to Sunnie Rae, one of the back-up singers for the band, and girlfriend of the event coordinator, Buddy King. Rae had placed her jewelry in a bag and placed the bag on the desk prior to going on stage to perform.

The Jewelry that was taken include a custom heart shaped sterling silver & black onyx ring with diamonds in white & yellow gold, and a limited edition white & yellow gold Harley Davidson signature series Bulova watch. A second ring was also reportedly taken as well, however, the St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene Column has no description of the 2nd ring at this time. Pictures of the watch and one of the rings are included in the slide-show of this article.

The bar did have surveillance cameras that were positioned on the outside of the office door. It is reported that footage taken from the cameras show five people entering the office during the hour that the jewelry was reportedly taken.

“We Have narrowed it down to a handful of suspects caught on surveillance entering the office.

If you took it, return it today and we will not lock you up. Otherwise, only 5 people entered the office during that one hour period. 3 are trusted friends. We are fairly sure we know who you are... We will catch you.” - Buddy King

The theft has been reported to the local police, and area pawn shops have also been made aware of the theft along with descriptions of the items.

Anyone who may have any information regarding the whereabouts of the stolen jewelry is asked to contact the Treasure Island Police Department, or they can contact the St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene Column by email at

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