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Motorcycle clubs organize a memorial ride for teenager killed in dirt bike crash

Amir Brooks Memorial Ride
Amir Brooks Memorial Ride
Adrian McQueen. Follow on Instagram at @Aboogie301

Amir Brooks, a 17 year old teenager, was tragically killed when his dirt bike crashed after a controversial chase by Prince Georges County police. Prince Georges County has a strict no chase policy, due to past incidents, but situations such as this one still occur. This prompted Dee “Wheelie” King, of the Wheelie Kingz motorcycle club, to organize a memorial ride in support of the Brooks family in their time of need.

Amir Brooks Memorial Ride
Photo by Adrian McQueen follow on Instagram @aboogie301

Motorcyclists from area motorcycle clubs such as Wheelie Kingz, Game 7 Riderz, Wild Bunch, #1 Stunnaz and independents gathered together to ride to the funeral and express their condolences to the Brooks family as well as pay their respects to Amir. The motorcyclists set out to show the community that the camaraderie displayed is more than just about bikes. Educating and setting examples about safety, to the younger riders, is a priority within the biker community.

Dirt bikes, atv’s and other off road recreational vehicles are illegal to operate on the road in Maryland and DC, with a punishment of a citation and impoundment of the recreational vehicle. The popularity of these vehicles has grown exponentially over the past few years, paralleling cities such as Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia and Atlanta. These major cities do not have parks or free zones where these vehicles can be safely driven, so the riders take to the streets. The nearest motocross parks are routinely far from the area the riders live in.

This is a controversial issue that will bring about a lot of discussion, but hope for a resolution is high for everyone involved. Law makers and the community should address this matter soon because the number of riders are growing by the day.