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Local metal spotlight: Crimson Bile


Crimson Bile. their name may not exactly wet your lips for an appetizer at the local bar they're playing at, but their sound will draw you in and get your head moving.  Crimson Bile is a local band that simply refuses to sell out.  Though the mainstream crowd may not quite get it at first, their sound is their own blend of metal, rock, and rap...yes, rap.  Though they aren't the first band to attempt putting these very different music styles together on one plate, they have certainly made it an individual and unique thing all their own; Their own musical flavor.  Yum, pass the ketchup please.

Crimson Bile was first formed in 2006 when the two vocalists, Matt Joyce (aka ICEPIC) and Tony Santilli (aka CrAkD), joined their creative and business minded forces to come up with something tentatively different.  They credit musical influences that range from Megadeth to Pink Floyd to Sublime.  At first they weren't sure what they were going to do and where they wanted to take it.  What they did know was that they had a desire, or as Joyce puts it, " a fire that was just begging for a ten ton tank of gasoline to be dumped on it."   They now have added drummer Sean Duby the "metal-head", guitarist Chris Burrows the "freebird", and bassist Donny Hayes the "party".  Now the fire is spreading, their sound is becoming even more solid and recognizable, and they are building up quite the fanbase (including women adourning their Myspace with photos of themselves sporting the bands name written on their cleavage).  They have played smaller stages and large festivals in the area and Joyce says there is a different pull for each.  He loves "raw intimacy of a small venue" where the crowd seems to have "a better focus on the music and can feel it ten times more" , but also likes the mayhem of thousands of people at a festival because there are "lots more people an thats more people for us to spread our musical sickness to."

Each band member contributes a different musical background and adds their own spin on the sound that this band is becoming known for.  Furious metal rhythm, rap, singing, sweet guitar riffs, hip hop's a pile of playdoh that takes shape as soon as these guys hit the stage.  They form it into what they want, they encourage audience response, and they make every show a party.  Unlike a lot of urban songs today, it's not about driving an Escalade or having an entourage of big bootied hunnies on their arms.  The songs are about real life and Joyce says they hope to have "people able to put a song on, no matter what mood their in, and be able to's about the people that tick us off, the chicks that break our hearts, and the passion IN our hearts."   It combines the angry and passionate with the humor and heartache you find in a lot of life's scenarios.  Their new CD set to be released sometime in 2010 and a will boast a minimum of 15 new songs.  They have 5 songs recorded to date and the cd has been in the making for three years.  According to vocalist Matt Joyce, "it will redefine what people think of Crimson Bile...there's no stopping us." 

For more information:  Check out Crimson Bile on their Myspace page or catch them as they play at the Boston Freedom Rally (aka Hempfest) on Saturday 9/19 or McGann's Pub on the 26th.