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Local media and protestors withholding full story of why cops raided a building

As the NATO Summit begins in Chicago today, there has been cries from protestors that Chicago police used strong-arm tactics when they raided a home in the Bridgeport neighborhood, arresting eight people. Yesterday NATO protestors held a news conference denouncing police tactics. They claim that police broke down a door in a building near 32nd and Morgan streets at 11 p.m. The Chicago local news media also reported this story.

What local news media and NATO protestors are failing to disclose is that those “peaceful protestors” were caught in the act of filling bottles with gasoline. Police confiscated the molotov cocktails and an assortment of weapons ranging from crossbows to Asian throwing stars. Also there was no mention by the Chicago local news media, nor the protestors, that several protestors yesterday threw bags of excrements at the Board of Trade and today at the Daley Plaza. I will be with the protestors for the next three days. Check back to hear the rest of the story, since it seems that not all information is being accurately released by Chicago’s news media, nor the protestors.


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