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Local man arrested for throwing a bomb into ex-girlfriend's home

St. Petersburg violent crimes defense
St. Petersburg violent crimes defense

From the Tampa Bay Times website, a local man may have some explaining to do after he is arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail into his ex-girlfriend's Pinellas County home.

28-year-old Samna Ngoun was arrested and charged with arson, violation of a domestic violence injunction and throwing a deadly missile into a building.

According to the police report, the suspect broke a window at his ex-girlfriend's Largo house on Feb. 23, then tried to throw the Molotov cocktail inside where his ex-girlfriend and another person was present. The bomb broke before getting into the house. It looked like the fuse and some gasoline fell inside the house while the glass bottle remained outside. A fire was reported but it was put out quickly with no injuries.

The defendant was soon determined to be the primary suspect and detectives were sent to question him. He admitted to the police that he became upset when he saw his ex with another man so he threw the bomb to "scare her".

As of this writing he is still in Pinellas county jail with no bond.