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Local man arrested for child pornography

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In nearby Pasco, a long time school employee was found with child pornography hidden in his home per Bay News 9.

A Pasco County school administrator is on leave after federal investigators filed child pornography charges against him.

According to an FBI investigation, a 20-year Pasco school employee had child pornography in his home.

Authorities said the man had around 100 discs of child porn hidden in an air-conditioning vent in his Port Richey home. Authorities found the pornography during a raid of his home on Tuesday.

Officials said the suspect shared some of the material on the popular photo website Shutterfly.

According to a related article in the Tampa Bay Times, the FBI was investigating a Shutterfly group that contained about 17,000 child porn images. An FBI Task Force says the suspect shared at least 21 images and nine videos with the group. The photos and videos allegedly show underage boys involved in sex acts.

The suspect's IP address was tracked by the FBI from the group, which led the task force to his home.

An afterschool administrator at the elementary school in New Port Richey where the suspect works, said he will be placed on suspension without pay until his likely firing.

News of the man's arrest shocked parents and colleagues at the school. Making it worse is that the suspect had a 6-year-old adopted son living with him, had no previous criminal record. The child is now in protective custody.

After his arrest, authorities said the man made some admissions but told them he never committed any offenses against children.

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