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Local Libertarians elect new board

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Last night, January 13, 2014, the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County held their annual meeting in downtown Lake Worth, Florida. Their original intent was simply to elect a new treasurer, vice-chair and an at-large director, however their chairman suddenly resigned creating a shake up of their executive committee.

At the meeting Marc Tancer, a coin dealer, was elected to be the local party's Chairman; At-Large Director is now Jonathan Adler, a local tech guru; retired police officer Larry Stone was elected Treasurer, and husband and wife team Susan and Shane George were elected Secretary and Vice-Chair, respectively.

There was a feeling with the new 'blood' on the party's executive committee, it will better propel the local party to tap the growth of independent voters. The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County is an official affiliate to the Libertarian Party of Florida and has 1,102 registered voters in Palm Beach County.

Also at the meeting, the local party found volunteers to help Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie in his quest to be Florida's next governor and Bill Wohlsifer as the only Libertarian running to be Florida's next attorney general.

The party also is planning to have an outreach booth at the popular Delray Affair in late April as well as have a booth at the West Palm Beach Green Market in May. The new board will have a planning meeting next Monday with their members to plan out the rest of the year.

One thing that disturbed some members at last night's meeting was the large number of myths out there about what libertarians believe. For instance there seems to be propaganda circulating that libertarians are racists and are against gay people which is the complete opposite of libertarian philosophy and opposite of what everyone at the meeting believe. Such accusations are highly disturbing to libertarians as they are flatly false. So there was discussion as how to best quell the myths surrounding libertarianism with the general populous.