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Local Legend; Patti Prendergast – She is Badass!!

In music you come across someone who has a natural gift of music on their instrument of choice. Once you see that person you know that you have just seen something special. Instantly you are drawn to them to watch them play and see what they can musically do next. Patti Prendergast is such a musician, entertainer, and local legend. She is Badass!!

Patti started out playing the bass at age 17 and it has been an extension of her hands ever since. In 1981, she began playing in bands around the area. She has been in several bands over the years with names such as; Mad Hatter, Decadence, Bitch, Tough Love, Demolition Dolls, HAG, Abduls Cactus, and in Cougar as a part time bass player. This young lady has quite a long list of accolades that is for sure. Hammering away on the bass and providing the bottom end for bands for so long deserves a hats off to all of the achievements accomplished.

The bottom end master is looked at as small in presence by some, but she is very mighty in stature to many when the bass guitar is in her hands and turned up. Her fingers peddle the notes out on every song’s bass line as if it were her own. There really is no one like her and you shouldn’t accept any imitations.

Keeping a modest amount of instruments, Patti shared her collection consisting of; a very nice vintage Fender P bass, an Ibanez, a Warwick, and a great acoustic bass as well. She does tend to favor the Fender, and why not. There really is an amazing feel to a Fender bass. They are something to be held and heard through massive Hartke cabinets.

Patti Prendergast is a sight to see in a live setting. She takes on the role of the bassist and wields her magic during every performance. Her show is definitely something to witness. Take a glimpse at her and be thankful to see a great musician and a local legend. She is an entertainer and simply put ……. She is Badass!!


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