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Local hip-hop artists collaborate on free Yo! MKE Raps Mixtape

Yo! MKE Raps cover art.
Yo! MKE Raps cover art.
Front & Back Cover Design – Dana Coppafeel of Think Tank.

Last Tuesday, 19 of Milwaukee's preeminent hip-hop artists came together under the tutelage of rapper JC Poppe to release the newest in a burgeoning line of Milwaukee-based mixtapes, Yo! MKE Raps.

Well known artists such as Kid Millions and Prophetic (whose follow up to 2008's "Pharell tested, Jay-Z approved" Mo' Profit, Mo' Progress is slated for a Spring 2010) are joined by the likes of Streets N Young Deuces, Yo-Dot, DNA, House of M, and Fresh Cut Collective.

Stand out tracks include the Parliament-Funkadelic-esque "Victim to the Beat" and Yo-Dot and Prophetic's "Another Level". "Blackberries" is worth a listen, if only for the references to Riversplash and Pizza Shuttle.

The album is available exclusively at, and the official press release can be found on JC Poppe's myspace.