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Local game enthusiasts celebrate classic gaming

With the success of last month's Second Annual ZapCon Convention held at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Phoenix, organizers Zack Johnson and Wes Cleveland feel confident about being firmly implanted with the unique annual event after attendance doubled only one year later.

Images from Classic Pinball and Arcade Convention ZapCon 2014
Logan Marks
ZapCon Logo

ZapCon brings together a large collection of working classic arcade and pinball machines, and for the price of admission attendees are given free rein to play any and all of the machines that are set to "free to play" mode. Johnson attributes the success of the young convention to increased media attention which brings people out and in regard to the recent convention says, "Almost nobody had anything bad to say about it," and adds, "All of the people who brought machines last year were excited to bring them in again this year."

Johnson expects steady growth as the convention becomes a mainstay with all gaming enthusiasts and provides a huge draw with the classic games. The convention also hosts tournaments and screened documentaries related to classic arcade gaming. ZapCon is expected to return next year.

As ZapCon continues to grow, game lovers may find it a perfect venue to participate in one of their favorite hobbies with family and friends.

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