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Local game development studio seeks motivated students for internship program

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Retora Game Studios Main Logo
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Any student whose goal is to become involved in the game development industry will quickly find that competition is fierce and the work is difficult. Simply receiving an education in art, programming, or game development, doesn't necessarily mean a game development enthusiast will have what they need to be successful in the industry. In addition to the education it will take talent, experience, an exceptional portfolio as well as drive and determination. Tempe based Retora Studios is looking for individuals who meet this criteria and then some and recently announced that they are accepting candidates for their 2014 internship program.

CEO and Creative Director Tyler Coleman reviewed the goals of the program and how they intend to prepare students interested in making games for the professional world and said, “The goal of the program was to help a team of dedicated students and alumni finish a game and release it to the market," Coleman went on to say, “The team was also selected by the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) to receive an all-expenses paid trip to GDC, which included a booth for them to showcase the game.”

Coleman, a former UAT alumni himself, works closely with the University looking for the potential candidates. The internship program that started in 2013 resulted in the creation of the game Alchemica. “This year, we intend on raising the bar, and making a product even more successful than the previous one,” Coleman explained, and added, “We are also providing the team with mentors from beyond the staff of Retora by bringing advice from local and international experts in their respective fields.”

Future game designers who have what it takes and are looking for a way to break into the video game industry just may want to investigate this exciting opportunity.

For more details visit the Retora website and Facebook page.