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Local former IRS agent writes tax book on how to "outsmart the system"

Learn how to lower your taxes, control your future, and reach financial freedom
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Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but tax season is right around the corner. Rather wait until April 15th comes around before filing your taxes? Fair enough. In the meantime, why not read up on ways to “lower your taxes, control your future, and reach financial freedom” via a brand new book called “Outsmarting the System” by SDSU alum Anthony C. Campidonica.

Anthony or “Tony” is a former IRS agent and CPA who has written a short, 125-page book with tax tips and information to “outsmart the system.” Outsmart doesn't mean shady dealings; everything written in the book is legal and legit from the voice of a seasoned tax professional.

The book is broken down into digestible chunks, which is a bonus with those with short attention spans or short bursts of time to sit down and read. While a tax book may not be on your book club reading list, the information that is provided is to the point and informative for those in a position to learn more about reaching financial freedom.

But, hold on - this book is meant to be a guide, not a how-to for quitting your job and still striking it rich. Although Tony does speak in depth about the downfall of being an employee vs. being a small business owner in terms of tax benefits - see Chapter 4.

Tony suggests three major ways to lower taxes by changing the way people make money. This is to become an investor, a landlord, or a small business owner. While many who might first come upon this book might fall into the third category of people before the first two, it proves significantly helpful to people who are self-employed, i.e. freelancers.

If you are new to being a full-time freelancer and have questions about what can be considered a business expense, Tony breaks this down step-by-step in Chapter 7. By following the guidelines, it will help prepare freelancers when it comes tax time by having information about what can be deducted and what paperwork is necessary to keep track of it. In short, keep track of everything.

“Outsmarting the System” is a quick read written by a tax professional with insight from both sides of the spectrum. This book answers simple, common questions people might have regarding their taxes and what actionable steps can be taken to a more secure financial future. It's definitely recommended for those who are self-employed, but really any reader can get some good takeaways from the book.

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