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Local Fire Departments Awarded Federal Grant Money

Firefighters battle building fire
Firefighters battle building fire
Andrew Tetreault

The Port Jefferson & Sound Beach fire departments have been awarded federal grant money for equipment and safety improvements. Both volunteer fire departments located on the north shore of Suffolk County, NY filed a joint application through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Assistance to Firefighters. The departments will receive a total of $249,803, which will be split according to Port Jefferson fire Commissioner Herb Reckenbeil. Officials from each department plan to meet on September 10, at which time details of how the grant will be split and what equipement will be purchased will be part of the discussion.

The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) released new guidelines in 2013 which require fire departments throughout the nation become in compliance with proper safety measures. JSK Inc., a consulting company based in the Nassau County, NY town of Williston Park helped these two departments file for the grant through FEMA.

According to a news release by JSK Inc., a set of protective firefighting gear would cost about $3,000 while specialized breathing tank systems (SCBA) will cost approximately $6,400. The SCBA package would include 2 pressurized oxygen bottles and a face piece. Port Jefferson & Sound Beach fire departments will also be receiving $3,000 each, which will cover training costs, protective firefighter clothing and new member physicals.