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Local Fighter Profile: Justin Fratto

Desert Brawl's Featherweight Champion, Justin Fratto
Desert Brawl's Featherweight Champion, Justin Fratto
Justin Fratto

As the lights dimmed, and the once crowded audience who had witnessed Desert Brawl 38: Uprising had all but disappeared, only a few fighters remained. Some of them had faces that were battered, bloodied and bruised, while some were serious and contemplative.

A very different look was on the face of 26 year-old Justin Fratto, who was coming fresh off of his victory over Medford, Oregon's Jeramy Johnson. Fratto wore a grin from ear to ear, which was well-deserved after his close split-decision victory over the game Johnson. Not only did Fratto earn the victory, but he also won the Featherweight Superfight Championship.

The fight began with a very closely fought first round that had the two fighters feeling each other out with jabs, feints and elusive grappling, but as fight continued, Fratto, who had been an undefeated amateur boxer for three years, proved his superiority on the ground by reversing the scrappy Johnson at least twice and scoring takedowns of his own. Ground control seemed to be the difference maker as the judges scored the fight; (29-28) Fratto, (29-28)Johnson, and (30-27)Fratto.

In speaking with the elated Fratto, he credited Desert Dogs MMA for his win. He has been training with the team for over three years.

"I think good coaching and conditioning helped me win. I train with a good team that helps me get better and stay on top of things," he says.

He was was very appreciative of Elite Fitness as well.

"I can't say enough about how much Elite Fitness helped me get in shape, and with my diet," says Fratto.

His opponent, Jeramy Johnson, who had been previously undefeated at 9-0 asked for a rematch in his hometown of Medford.

Fratto expressed his desire for the rematch that Johnson requested.

"As for a rematch, I would love for one. I would love to go to his home town and take his belt from him," he says.



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