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Local Fighter Profile: Jason Gybels

Standing next to his four-year-old son, Jason Gybels did not seem any different than your average young father. He seemed calm, content and collected. But he was not always this way. He used to be a much more troubled individual.

Jason Gybels with his little champ
Luke Molitor

"I used to get into fights out in the streets," Jason confessed. 

He ran into some legal trouble in one such fight and ended up on the wrong side of the law.

When asked how he became interested in mixed martial arts, Jason responded, "I actually wanted to learn how to restrain someone in a fight without really hurting them".

That seems as good a reason as any to learn MMA. He even added that his favorite aspect about the sport is the discipline that it provides, which is a long way from his street fighting past.

Jason has since been training in the sport for two years and sits on a 3-0 record in the cage. He also helps teach at the Rough House MMA Gym in Redmond, Oregon two days a week.

His eyes light up when you ask him about his upcoming fight in Salem on May 15th. Although he knows it will be his biggest test yet, he seems to have all the confidence in the world that he will be victorious.


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