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Local farmers touch produce community crops

Local produce stays a local buyer favorite at North San Diego Farmers Market all year round.
Local produce stays a local buyer favorite at North San Diego Farmers Market all year round.
Adam Benjamin

Friendly face-to-face deals made with local farmers, and vendors, make buys at North San Diego Farmers Market worth remembering for locals in Escondido, Rancho Bernardo, and Poway. The rough ground dusty mowed field at a farmstead on Sunset Drive offers the locals a place to make old fashioned buys.

The grapefruit and lettuce, and the cut flowers, comes out of the San Pasqual Valley agriculture covers the valley landscape thick. Getting there to the historic landmark site off the I-15, on E. Via Rancho Parkway, does more for a customer than avoid the town crowds.

Work that produced the farm produce is local. The North San Diego market undergoes inspections done by county agriculture inspectors multiple times a year, and its farmers get inspected, just to guarantee the produce comes from local lands, and has the local quality. A certified farmers market, the market farmers always sell produce they grow, or by from anothe rlocal farmer. The County Agricultural Commission certifies the local name gives the valley community a market foothold.

"It's all about community," the market says.

The local economy, every Sunday from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm, gets stocked with produce local hands grew, at the adobe farmstead found past the golf course and a wooden bridge. Shoppers visiting the San Dieguito River Park lands to buy local enter lands locals venture off the path on Lake Hodges Trail to find the stands set up to make the farm deals easy.

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