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Local dog trainer suspected of animal abuse

Causing harm to an animal is a crime
Causing harm to an animal is a crime

A formal complaint filed against a Northern California dog trainer alleges that he mistreated a dog in his care. The trainer was also cited for not having the necessary license for a commercial animal establishment.

KCRA reported last night that Regina Collins left her 12-week old puppy Chance with Ridley K9 Academy for several days in order to be trained. Collins is from El Dorado Hills; the Academy’ website states that they also service clients in Sacramento and Placerville.

When she picked Chance up, the dog reportedly would not come to her. Collins says that she asked Academy owner Garrett Ridley what he had done to her dog.

Ridley allegedly told Collins not to touch the dog because Chance was “in trouble”.

Collins took the puppy to veterinarian Lee Kaplow DVM for a thorough exam. According to KRCA, the vet observed that Chance was covered in urine, was dehydrated and that his eyes were hemorrhaging. Kaplow reported that this would be consistent with a dog having been restrained by the neck with high pressure.

El Dorado County Animals Services received the formal complaint from Collins and are investigating Ridley for crimes against animals, California Penal Code 597.

Animal Services has had no prior complaints filed against Ridley, according to acting Public Information Officer Kristine Oase.

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  • MattiesMom 4 years ago

    "Mistreatment"? This was obviously torture of a dog done by a deranged out-of-control person that has no business working with any life form. This poor puppy was obviously hanged to unconsciousness which is a practice used in certain "training" circles where psychotic ego gratification is the goal rather than well-behaved dogs. Good dog trainers are gentle and effective, resulting in calm, predictable dogs. Dogs who "snap" and go off and end up injuring people have often been victims of this sick sort of "training" often used on unfortunate police dogs who can even die from their injuries. No one should ever leave their animals with people they don't know well...only have your dogs trained with yourself cannot trust people.

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