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Local Detroiter Darryl Motley shares information about AGOGE Men’s Foundation

Photographs from AGOGE Men's Foundation Facebook Page. - The men of AGOGE, Darryl A. Patterson II, Cedric Turnbore, Kenneth Williams, Darryl Motley, Craig Pickens, James A. Fleming Jr. and N.a. Ray.
Photographs from AGOGE Men's Foundation Facebook Page. - The men of AGOGE, Darryl A. Patterson II, Cedric Turnbore, Kenneth Williams, Darryl Motley, Craig Pickens, James A. Fleming Jr. and N.a. Ray.
Photo courtesy of Darryl Motley and used by permission.

Spotlight on AGOGE Men's Foundation which was formed and founded by local Detroiters. Information is shared by one of the original founders, Darryl Motley.

There mission is to mentor and build up of the men in the Detroit metro area.
Photo courtesy of Darryl Motley and used by permission.

AGOGE Men's Foundation
General Information
Darryl Motley~ Chief Executive Officer

Cedric Turnbore ~ Senior Vice President
Craig Pickens ~Vice President
Dennis Lockridge ~ General Secretary

Advisory Board:
Damon Anderson, Julio Coleman, Craig Pickens, James Fleming, Julio Coleman,
Byron Page, and William McNary
James A. Jordan is our newest board member

Phone (313) 412-6288

The young people of Detroit need positive male role models to emulate. AGOGE Men's Foundation is making that happen.

Darryl Motley shares the following information about this local foundation.

"The members of the AGOGE Men’s Foundation reside in the Detroit Metropolitan area. Formed and founded by Darryl Motley and like-minded men concerned with lack of appropriate role models, father figures, and moral decline in our communities and nation.

We are dedicated and highly motivated to improve our community by strengthening and encouraging our men, brothers, and sons via our ongoing outreach, including regular social vehicles wherein we share resources regarding employment, educational, and other opportunities, involve ourselves and partners in community enrichment activities to meet the needs of those families and children most at risk, and other

Youth programming including a martial arts program youth outings, fellowships, and empowerment conferences to provide healthy alternative lifestyles and choices.

In response to ever accelerating rates of youthful unemployment, crime, and incarceration, our Male Leadership Conferences and “Movie Nights” are two such events which continue to spark a lot of excitement in our young men and open opportunities to build rapport and impart meaningful information to build a strong foundation.

Our most recent Leadership Conference conducted with Southeast Michigan’s Universal Empowerment Center for Women, Children, and Families, under the leadership of its director Ms. Lisa Hunt serviced approximately 100 young men who attended workshops to introduce and improve critical thinking skills, appropriately resolve conflict, and other important life skills. Breakfast, lunch, gifts, and awards were served, and the one thing consistent in our feedback is that our young men actually and eagerly desire MORE guidance and training from men! Which we the Men of the AGOGE Men’s Foundation are ready to provide!

There are a lot of good things happening in Detroit. You can help us continue to make the difference."

The following is the description on the foundations Facebook Page;

The AGOGE Men's Foundation dedicated to the empowerment of urban youth and the building up of the men in the Detroit metro area

Our mission is to empower men of all ages to realize and achieve their potential as head of household, father, bread winner, and spiritual leader within their respective families, and spheres of influence. We are dedicated to providing support and resources for community partners for the purpose of community and family enrichment programs and projects.

Company Overview
The AGOGE Men's Foundation, is committed to the development of men in the areas of Faith, Fatherhood, Community involvement,and Economic empowerment, as well as the direct mentoring and providing of educational, employment, and personal enrichment resources and tools to guide our young men into realizing their true potential as leaders and men with the family unit.and community at large

We are real men who have lived the urban street life, and have been blessed to not only survive. but thrive as Leaders within our families, chosen fields of endeavors, and community. We are solely dedicated to uplifting and repairing men desirous of making a real change in their lives. We promote a positive based view of fatherhood, education, and community leadership. We are dedicated to providing the emotional support and resources to provide our men and teens the educational and employment resources necessary to reach their potential as men, husbands and fathers. This includes services to improve functioning in the areas of finance, social living skills, employ-ability, family relationships and parenting.

We have several initiatives and male centered activities in place to encourage positive inter-generational bonds, and mentoring for younger men and teens.

There are also regular Father/Son Pow Wows' including a movie and discussion wherein we examine vital social issues relevant to our community and promote youth discussion regarding issues and concerns important to them.
We are committed to providing direct and indirect support including trainings, financial support, and manpower for our parent and partnering organizations and agencies dedicated to the improvement of all families.

To learn more about this foundation and how you can participate or contribute to its mission, visit their Facebook Page or use the contact information provided above.

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