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Local Detroit artists kick off the biggest party of the summer


F*cking Awesome Fest poster

This is the Godzilla of summer music events in Detroit. How does a BBQ, rock and roll garage sale, scavenger hunt, and over 80 local bands playing throughout the Majestic venue complex sound? The properly named F*cking Awesome Fest kicks off on August 13, will run until the 16, and will remind you why you love Detroit.

Bands will swarm the Magic Stick, Garden Bowl, the Alley Deck and the brand new Cafe room in an orgy of local music and good old fashioned Detroit debauchery. The F*cking Awesome Fest will include well known local artists such as Art Brut, Thunderbirds Are Now!, I, Crime, The Muldoons, Noman, Lee Marvin Computer Arm, and Deastro.

Offering listeners a massive party and a chance to scope out the variety of local talent that the city has to offer, F*cking Awesome Fest is a must attend for music fans interested in the upcoming artists in the city. This is your chance to see bands and claim that you were listening to them before they were popular. The streets will be littered with disciples of the local music scene as well as booths selling merchandise with a rock and roll vibe. This is an opportunity to dive headfirst into the vibrantDetroit has to offer.

Each show is individually priced, and run from about $10-20 each. The party will kick off with a barbecue and likely live up to its attention grabbing name. Don't miss your chance to see just how much life still remains in Detroit music.


  • Kristen Wilkerson - Lansing Interfaith Examiner 5 years ago

    Sounds like a wild time!