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Local designer serves up sassy scarves with serious heart

Donni Forever in Navy
Donni Forever in Navy
Photo Credit: Alisha Siegel

Alyssa Wasko, a local 20-year old designer, started creating gorgeous cotton jersey scarves last spring in light of losing her father. Alyssa and her mother have always been creative, indulging in their passion for fashion together, so they decided to dip into the fast growing scarf phenomenon that has taken over fashionistas galore. Inspired by and named after her father, Donald, Alyssa soon learned that her Donni Charm scarves were not only a huge part of her healing process, but their stylish appeal was quickly catching on.

With two different styles to choose from, Donni Forever and Donni Together, their latest collection features several versatile color options. Each scarf is additionally styled with a love knot and one of four good luck charms; a peace sign, hamsa, buddha or wing. Served up in an adorable container, with a wing charm attached to open the lid, it’s apparent these sophisticated scarves are made with true love and care.

From celebrities like Jessica Biel, to the average girl next door, these charming scarves are a must have addition to every trend tracker’s closet this season.


  • Sarah 5 years ago

    I really, really want one! What a great back story too.

  • Mallory 5 years ago

    Thanks for covering this Ashley. What an amazing story. Such a beautiful line!

  • Coop 5 years ago

    Touching story, and the scarves are super fly! Well done AshHeartsFash, well done.

  • Josephine 5 years ago

    Wow, sooo cute. How creative, Alyssa will make it big im sure.

  • Leah 5 years ago

    Love the scarves, love the story! Very cute!

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