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Local Dentist Helps Couples Get Closer with The Fresh Breath Challenge

Dr. Bruno da Costa
Dr. Bruno da Costa

The Beaverton, OR based Doctor Bruno da Costa, at Harmony Dental, has found a way to help couples closer for Valentines Day.

Unlike most practicing dentists, Dr. Bruno da Costa, engages patients with education in a fresh, fun way. Inspired by the upcoming holiday, Valentines Day, the dentist has implemented an in office education program, The Fresh Breath Challenge.

“The program is designed to encourage couples to get closer by taking care of their smile,” says Doctor Bruno da Costa.

The Fresh Breath Challenge is a unique way to get patients talking about their oral health habits. They share their current methods for taking care of their teeth, and the doctor and his compassionate staff challenge the patients to brush their teeth after every meal for the next 30 days.

Throughout the day, food particles can stick in between teeth, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and cavities. The program is designed to decrease the chance of cavities in patience and increase fresh breath. With Valentines Day just around the corner, couples will be getting closer, and with fresh breath they will stay closer.

Harmony Dental takes a comprehensive approach to educating patients about the benefits of good oral health care and strives to make a healthy impact in the lives of their patients.