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Local death Post Pavilion, slipped a Molly?

Don't drink the water from a water bottle?
Don't drink the water from a water bottle?
Loretta Arnold, RHE

Today Tyler Fox Viscardi, 20, was remembered as family and friends attended his funeral mass. His life ended unexpectedly short by an uninvited overdose. Was Tyler Fox Viscardi given a water bottle drugged with Molly?

Merriweather Post Pavilion concert in Maryland was anything but "merri" Friday night as two all-day concertgoers fell victim to senseless drug overdose. Investigators loosely connect the dots, dashes and signs to Molly, a drug stuffed with dangerous consequences and risks.

Authorities believe Molly could have played a fatal part in the all-day Mad Decent Block Party. The deadly drug has been known to be tossed around like a cheap hooker with a backstage pass. What's her trick? Another false identity. Most flighty drug users ultimately believe what they read.

Molly, in the books, is considered pure ecstasy (MDMA). Well, meet Miss Molly, otherwise known as Mandy, or MI. Related to "Explosion" or "Inpact" (foreign countries). She's anything but pure.

Once used as an appetite suppressant or an antidepressant, all has since changed. The mixture has changed. Not so pure and a mere slight substitute to MDMA. Molly is, in fact, methylone. Different formula than MDMA with slight different effects.

"Molly was seen dressed in pure ecstasy. But shoppers realized they were looking at a Wal-Mart ad." - Lori Lane YCN!

In the four years of New York Molly busts, only 13% was actually pure MDMA. 13%. That's a lot of filler outside of 13%. Toxic happy hour.

Warning! This may disturb readers.

Molly targets 12-year-old kids. 17 has grown to 20. Target age group lands from 12 to 20-years-old. That's eight years of nervous parents hoping their kid doesn't welcome kind gestures of free, or low-cost drinks. Which could be filled with possible "unbeknownst" drugs. She's winning.

Molly seems to attack the motherboard. Temporarily shuts down the thermostat, confuses the sweat glands, heart pumps faster than ever to fight for, what it believes, is survival, and the 3-P's; psychosis, panic attacks, pressure fluctuation. More. Raves invite her, parties highlight her, users love her -- While she's raping unwilling users crossing her path.

The scum of the Earth delivers Molly inside of another without their consent. That's my take. Affirmative.

Researching led to 2012 Blue Light forums where claims of plastic smells and tastes (pure MDMA related, not concert related) surfaced after trying Molly. Obviously someone's basement smells like a plastic factory.

Blotting paper, pills, capsules, liquid form, just as most illegal drugs, Molly fits a user's preference. Bad news for parents across America. Even worse for addicts, if they only processed that byte.

Some officials aren't buying into this Molly scare, however. It happens, but rarely. But happens. Rarely. Happens.

It's not normal for dozens (and dozens) of concertgoers to suffer from pure dehydration -- at the same time. Which land over four dozen treated at the scene, over two dozen to area hospitals and the others, well, dead. The mentioned information is based on other Molly related concert overdoses. Avicii, Boston, etc. Always a sign of severe dehydration.

Speaking of heat ...

8 people, the brat pack of ignorance, the gang who couldn't mix straight, were arrested as authorities, again, defined Molly as a massive dehydration outbreak. No one died (thankfully). Reports of 12 overdoses at Marina Bay's Quincey's Ocean Club splashed the Boston Globe. But it's not a problem. Meaning that to define it a problem more people have to be arrested, treated -- and dead.

What is Molly made of?

According to Drug Enforcement Administration Molly is most synthetic. Krokodil is made of up codeine, gasoline, red phosphorus, hydrochloric acid, etc, and so on. It's the 'so on' that will kill you. Same with Molly. And so on.

Bad part is officials claim some of the same Molly packaging holds drugs of different chemical make-up. Not tested before use. Anything goes. Fire in the hole.

Good golly, just miss Molly!

Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and even Tennessee, are just four states with pocket locations which continue to push Molly out of town. Unfortunately, it pushed into Maryland Friday night. A night the Viscardi family will never forget for the rest of their lives, and the lives that follow. For not just one, but two, lives could have been saved if they had not been given a toxic drug.

Random acts of slipping Molly drugs in humans ultimately changes the value of trust from all survivors, and those in mourning -- both family and friends.

A lesson for kids, and locals across the area. Never leave your glass unattended, nor unfilled. And don't accept gifts from strangers, like water bottles on a sunny day.

As for Tyler Fox Viscardi, many would like to see the culprits arrested and charged with first-degree murder, among other charges. No word on arrests from the Howard County police. Viscardi had his entire life ahead of him, as did the 2nd victim who was 17-years-old. The other 20 treated dodged the bullet.

Viscardi was a student at Maryland University. A government and politics major according to News Observer. Viscardi grew up in Greenville. He appears sharp, smart and happy to those viewing his photograph. A college kid doing what college kids do -- enjoying an all-day concert soaking every-good-thing in. Such a tragic ending.

Our deepest condolences.

Autopsy and toxicology reports could take up to two weeks.


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