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Local costumer, Jennifer Rosbrugh, offers on-line historical sewing classes

San Francisco's costuming crowd has long been rooted in historical costuming. The Greater Bay Area's Costuming Guild hosts a huge set of historical events, with sister club The Period Events and Entertainments Re-Creation Society (PEERS) hosting costumed dances on a regular basis. Sewing historical costumes is rewarding as it is, but attending historical events with this talented group of sewing enthusiasts is well worth the time spent learning these vintage sewing techniques.

To the rescue comes local historical costumer, Jennifer Rosbrugh. She regularly offers on-line historical costuming classes to get you through your project, from beginning to end. Packed with information, the classes are taught by way of ample videos, and supported by a private Facebook discussion group where Jennifer will be able to help you through any rough spots.

Students from all over the world participate, so classes also double as a space for networking with an avid bunch of sewers with varying points of view and sewing techniques. Get access to sewing supply resources, learn vintage sewing methods, and increase your skill set, all at your own pace, while interacting with a lively community and a knowledgeable teacher—and in your own sewing room, with the machine you are used to using.

Prices are reasonable. Right now, you can sign up for Jennifer's lobster tail bustle class-the undergarment that supports your 1870/80s bustle dress—for as little at $20. In the fall, you can top it with a Victorian corset. Add the dress later in the year!

Go ahead. Check it out at You can see more of Jennifer's work on her facebook page: HistoricalSewing.


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