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Local control of guns in parks

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“I support Second Amendment rights, but* I think we can also draw a distinction here,” Overbey said, and not be “telling local governments what to do." Read the rest of this at Virtual Militia.

*Any time a politician uses the conjunction BUT after the words "Second Amendment", you should grab yours.

Hey Senator Overbey, what happened to the precedence of the Constitution over local control? Would you prefer the ol' timey local control when blacks were consigned to the back of the bus? Check with George Wallace and Lester Maddox on that.

I am rather surprised at Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett's taking the same position:

“It’s best left up to local control,” Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett told the News Sentinel on Thursday “I don’t like Nashville telling me what to do. I trust my commissioners.”

Tim, same question for you.

The civil right to self preservation does not stop at the gateway to the People's Park.


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