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Local company builds Twitter application for distance racers

TMT.jpg provides real-time in-race updates

Organized races such as the upcoming Columbus Marathon use shoe tags embedded with digital chips to record every runner’s pace across a series of checkpoints throughout the race.  The data provides an accurate, detailed record of the race, and is available for later download by individual runners.

Now, thanks to a local company, runners can provide real-time alerts to friends and family as to their race progress.   And the new technology is being launched at the Columbus Marathon on October 18.

Called TweetMyTime, the application was developed by Columbus-based Huber & Company Interactive, working with shoe tag supplier Champion Chip and, a Website where runners can register for events like the Columbus Marathon.  TweetMyTime will enable registered runners to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook, which will be updated as often as the shoe tag information is collected by race organizers. 

According to communications strategist (and avid runner) Nate Riggs, posts will include the racer’s location, the time of day at that location, their current pace and projected finish time.  “Each twitter entry will also have a hashtag (#) for the race,” Riggs added, “for example, #cbusmarathon so all in-race tweets can be seen in one location.”

Family, friends -- even race spectators - can follow individual racers in real time with their computer or mobile device.  They will know where to be – and when – in order to see and cheer on their favorites.

“We’re hoping to have at least a thousand runners on Twitter or Facebook,” Riggs said.  “And with five automated tweets per runner, we can see more than 6,000 Tweets in seven hours.  That kind of volume over a weekend may help the marathon trend globally on Twitter.”

For more information – or to register – visit