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Local Comics at the Clarion

This ghost comic could be you!
This ghost comic could be you!

Who doesn't love stand up comedy?

When stress and work pile up, and it feels like there is no end, a good laugh can make any day better. Its nice to know some one else thinks airline food is silly or that their boss is a total tool. Now, thanks to a few ambitious local comics, you can get a good laugh for free (if you come before nine).

Every Thursday, Friday, and some Saturdays, at nine-thirty, you can enjoy an array of local comics in the Clarion Inn's lounge. There is a full bar, lots of tables and a bunch of really funny guys. You can meet new people passing from all over Florida or just bring some friends and split a pitcher of beer.

The Clarion Inn is located west side of I-75 at the Newberry exit. Its on your left just as you cross under the overpass.

If you are interested in trying stand up yourself, they hold a workshop at 5:30 on Sundays at the Clarion Inn. There is also USUCC (University Stand up Comedy Club) at the University of Florida, who feature performers in the weekly shows.

Come out and support local talent so you can brag to your friends that you saw so-and-so before he sold out.