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Local Christians speak out about Colorado pastor's denunciation of 'Frozen'

As soon as Time reported on a Denver area pastor's criticism of the movie 'Frozen,' many local Christians spoke out. Various emails and facebook comments centered around the comments of a local podcast host who claimed that the movie was designed with a pro-homosexual agenda.

In the March 5 broadcast, the host of Generations with Vision, part of Christian Home Educators of Colorado, claimed:

"Friends, this is evil, just evil. I wonder if people are thinking: 'You know I think this cute little movie is going to indoctrinate my 5-year-old to be a lesbian or treat homosexuality or bestiality in a light sort of way.' I wonder if the average parent going to see Frozen is thinking that way. I wonder if they are just walking in and saying, 'Yeah, let’s get my five-year-old and seven-year-old indoctrinated early.' You know they’re not, I think for the most part they’re oblivious. Maybe they do pick up on pieces of it but they just don’t get up and walk out."

But some local Christians responded differently to the movie which the host never watched. One lady wrote:

"It very much reminds me of Tinky Winky's gayness on Telatubbies, the Smurfs' Satanism and Bert and Ernie's obvious homosexual lifestyle."

A mother replied:

"I think that you really have to read into it to get that message."

Apparently, the gay agenda was so subtle or equivocal that the vast majority of Christians did not pick up on it. One professional reviewer (partially quoted by the host), Steven D. Greydanus, while acknowledging some fleeting pro-homosexual (and even a possible bestiality joke), noted:

"And yet, in this case the filmmakers have walked that line really well: so well that the pro-gay themes have gone right over the heads of countless adult Christian viewers…"

In fact, the conservative reviewer did not think the evidence strong enough or obvious enough to reject the movie out of hand:

"In my review I mentioned this issue [homosexual subtext] (also noted in positive reviews by other critics) largely to dismiss it as a point of concern—not that I wasn’t aware of the themes in question, so much as that I didn’t think they warranted getting upset over."

The positive reviews, such as the article from PolicyMic, explain the movie in the context of their particular progressive viewpoint. They watched the same movie as many conservatives but drew a different conclusion.

One reviewer of the movie urged a different tact to deal with disagreeable movies:

"If people would pour as much energy into actually loving the lost and extending charity to those around them as they do on producing fear-mongering sermons and blog posts, our gospel might actually be seen for what it is: hope, love, a light in the darkness."

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