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Local Cherokee Medicine Elder releases 2012 schedule

Eva Black Tail Swan

Eva Black Tail Swan recently posted her 2012 schedule for workshops on her website. Her website is rich with personal information to introduce you to the woman and her gifts. Especially appealing to me is her Drum workshop where she personally prepares either a Buffalo or Moose hide in ceremony and walks you through the physical process as well as the spiritual process of creating your personal Medicine Drum.

The other two workshops she will be offering are “Awakening Your Medicine” and “The Journey Class” and she will accept installments paid each class. The first class will consist of seven, seven-hour workshops; the second will be four, seven-hour workshops. The Drum class is one day, Saturday July 28 and costs $200; a reasonable price for not only a hand-crafted drum, but one crafted by your hands for your soul!

Unfortunately I have already made plans for my ‘spiritual budget’ this year but I will look forward to her next Drum workshop and will make sure to have money earmarked for the next class! I enjoyed perusing her website and learning about her journey and the way her Medicine Work works. As I start reaching out to discover the gems of the Spiritual Community in Elbert County I look forward to meeting people just like her, even more so to be able to share with others of like minds in this county!

If you are interested in learning more, please visit her heart-felt website and learn more for yourself!