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Local cancer advocate support Affordable Care Act

Having been told more than a half-dozen times over the past 37 years that she had cancer, Anna Renault has traveled through cancer. She has experienced the worry and the fear. She has had test after test and some of them multiple times. She has had surgeries, chemo treatments and radiation therapy. She knows a bit about the journey through cancer!

Anna Renault is an advocate for cancer, a published author, journalist and more. Anna also enjoys speaking to groups of all sizes
Anna Renault
Anna Renault is a published author, local newspaper journalist and editorial columnist
Courtesy of Theresa Weaver

At the same time, this survivor understands the financial burden of cancer – even with having what is considered “good” insurance. She knows how quickly co-pays add up and non-covered tests cost too! She also experienced the economic impact of spending one’s life savings, charging things on credit cards and borrowing money in order to insure she got the life-saving medical care that she needed.

With so many negative comments and news reports being circulated about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Anna Renault knew she had to speak out in favor of this legislation that will make a difference in the lives of million of Americans. She knows it will save lives, save money in the long run, and will have a positive caimpact on preventing cancers. She has made an effort to educate people about the good results happening through the ACA and the good that will continue to occur if the ACA is allowed to move forward.

Sitting at her laptop, Renault penned a “Letter to the Editor” and submitted it to The Sun newspaper in Baltimore. She was eager to share her positive story and the need for the ACA to continue. She is dedicated to letting people know what needs to happen to make a difference in the lives of all Americans, especially when it comes to being proactive and having access to early detection or prevention of a deadly illness – like cancer.

Do you have an insurance story to tell?
Do you have a cancer story to tell?
Do you have a story about the pros or cons of ‘Obamacare’?
The world needs to hear it.

Don't forget to check out Anna’s letter published in Baltimore’s Sunday Sun, March 24, 2014 on page 16.

Note: Anna Renault writes for Examiner as cancer-in-baltimore; environmental-news-in-baltimore and as bay-area-shuckers-in-baltimore.

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