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Local camp teaches children how to be strong in mind and body

Nature hikes will be part of a wide variety of fun activities at Camp Insight this summer.
Nature hikes will be part of a wide variety of fun activities at Camp Insight this summer.

Your kids may end a week at this camp stronger physically – and mentally. With a healthy twist on the traditional summer camp experience, Camp Insight aims to provide kids with much more than the skills to create a macaroni necklace. While immersed in a fun, active environment, campers will take part in a variety of activities designed to teach important life skills such as confidence, patience, self-control and how to make healthy choices.

Presented by Insight Learning & Wellness Center, Camp Insight is open to children aged six to 12 during the weeks of June 14 - 25 and August 9 - 20. The camp is offered five days per week from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and meets at the Insight Wellness facility at 25901 Emery Road in Warrensville Heights, Ohio.

Directed by Michelle Martin, licensed school psychologist and founder of the center, the camp will provide children with fun activities that exercise and energize the mind, body and spirit. Campers will take part in movement, art, music and positive psychology exercises to build confidence, self-awareness and focus. Camp lessons are designed to help children learn to concentrate to improve school performance as well.

“While having fun and without even knowing it, the children learn patience, focus and how to calm themselves,” said Martin. “Through fun, interactive activities they develop important social skills and positive behaviors. Most importantly, they discover wellness habits that will serve them throughout their lives.”

"This doesn't feel like a camp, it was much more fun, like an adventure,” said Matthew Morrissey, age eight. “I loved the cooking and art and got to do it the way I wanted to. Every day was better and better!"

Unlike camps led by high school counselors, Martin has assembled a strong team of experienced professionals who will guide campers through a range of activities designed to build character and self-esteem. The camp’s staff includes school psychologists, certified yoga instructors, musicians, Tae Kwon Do instructors, an art therapist, professional artist, counselor and reiki master.

In addition to learning exercises that increase physical strength, stamina and flexibility, campers are inspired to be creative, peaceful and empathic towards others. They explore productive conflict resolution and learn tools to alleviate stress.

“The camp was just a week, but it had such a lasting impact on my son,” said Maribeth Morrissey, Matthew’s mother. “He came out of there more confident and happy. Every school should follow the guidance of Insight Wellness in how they teach, inspire and love the kids. I recommend them to all my friends with children. Michelle has an amazing gift and talent with kids. She helped Matthew work on his strengths and challenges from day one. I am so grateful and thankful to have found Camp Insight!”

Camp Activities

Camp Insight encourages the creativity to flow as campers learn healthy skills to stretch their mind, body and spirit in new ways. Campers will experience Tae Kwon Do, Yoga and Qi Gong (Tai Chi), art and music classes. The group will explore nature through guided hikes and take part in challenge games that teach campers to cooperate and solve problems creatively.

Through meditation, guided imagery and visualization exercises, children will learn relaxation techniques and ways to focus on their goals and bring out their best. Campers will experience positive psychology techniques such as EFT to help them learn constructive ways to process the stress of life and turn problems into opportunities. The children will also learn how to make healthy snacks and the importance of good nutrition.

Space is limited. To register, call 216.765.4470. For more information on Camp Insight or Insight Learning & Wellness Center, visit

About Insight Learning & Wellness Center
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