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Local Burger in Lawrence promotes an awareness of food that tastes delicious


Local Burger opened in 2005 as one of the only local restaurants to care so much about educating its customers about the food.  They buy their meat and produce from local farmers and seek to "create a culture of passion for knowing where our food comes from and how it connects us to our world, to our communities, and to ourselves"  (owner Hilary Brown.) 

Not only are you eating locally grown delicious burgers, but when you eat Local Burger you are supporting the cause to bring American farms back to life and stop depending so much on the huge corporations that bully Americans. 

Their menu includes all kinds of burgers including grass-fed only beef, buffalo, elk, lamb, pork, turkey, tofu, and veggie.  In addition to burgers served on fluffy whole wheat buns, they have salads, smoothies, desserts, gluten-free hot dogs, sandwiches, and sides ranging from fries made with organic palm kernel oil to brown rice to organic peas and carrots they will blend for your baby.  All beef and dairy products are claimed right on the menu by the local farms they originate from, and all products naturally grown and produced.

You can also purchase packaged meat to bring home.

If you're looking for a leisurely drive (about 40 minutes) to a new restaurant where you are guaranteed a healthy and tasty meal, visit Local Burger in downtown Lawrence.  The college town is also a great place to find natural and organic products; visit or for ideas of where to visit when you're there.


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